Concrete Mites

The following is an excerpt from http://insectsinthecity.blogspot.com/2015/05/concrete-mites.html Concrete Mites Mites are among the tiniest arthropod pests to challenge the pest management professional. Tiny relatives of ticks (Class Acarina), mites play many roles in their microscopic world. Some are predators of insects, insect eggs or other mites. Others are plant feeders, […]


Insects in the City

The following is an excerpt from http://insectsinthecity.blogspot.com Spring caterpillars Forest tent caterpillars can be recognized by┬átheir dark-gray to brownish body color, with pale-blue and yellow lines extending along each side, and a chain of distinct, whitish shoe print shaped spots running down the middle of their back. As every PMP […]

Are Roaches Actually Clean?

Cockroaches are constantly grooming themselves, says entomologist Coby Schal of North Carolina State University. To clean its antenna, a cockroach will grab ahold of it with its front leg, bring the antenna to its mouth, and run the antenna from base to tip through its mandibles like a piece of […]

Pesticides not to blame for bee woes?

The following article is courtesy of http://insectsinthecity.blogspot.com/2015/03/pesticides-not-to-blame-for-bee-woes.html According to Science Daily, new research shows that imidacloprid, an insecticide often blamed for the decline of commercially managed honey bees, is not likely to harm honey bees at field realistic levels. The three year study, conducted by Galen Dively and associates at […]

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