The first thing to remember about lice is that they infest people not structures!

Head lice can be a problem for customers who have small children in school – preschool, kindergarten or elementary.  Head lice can be transferred from person to person when ites (hairbrushes, hats, etc.) area shared or when people are in close contact with one another.

Head lice are very small with an elongated body.  Their color may vary as they often blend in with the hair color of their host.  Head lice are typically found in hair on the head and lay eggs, or nits, at the base of the hair shaft near the scalp.  Nymphs are transparent when they first emerge from the egg and look similar to the adults, tho smaller in size.  Nymphs get darker in color as they get older and molt.

If you suspect that you or your children have head lice see your doctor.  Doctors will most likely prescribe a medicated shampoo product and fine tooth lice comb to remove the nits from the hair shaft.  Some lice treatments are available over the counter while others are available with a prescription.  Remember that two treatment will be required with teh second treatment occurring about a week after the initial treatment.

Be sure to wash bedding and towels in cold water and thoroughly vacuum rugs and furniture.