Termiticides – What’s new

Termiticides – What’s new

At some time, sooner or later, we are all the victims of subterranean  termites.  There are several different control methods and products  available to homeowners.  For the last several years Termidor has been the cadillac of termiticides; however, Termidor now has some competition in the form of a low impact product named Altriset.

Termidor is a non repellent chemical, termites can’t see or smell it.  They forage freely through treated areas and then spread the Termidor via social interaction.  Think of Termidor like a virus spreading through the colony.  Termidor routinely achieves 100% control within 90 days.

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Altriset is insect specific!!  That means it only works on termites and has little impact on other beneficial insects such as honeybees and earthworms.  Altriset also begins working within hours of ingestion stopping further damage immediately!!  Altriset works by icnreasing the social behavior (in other words they clean eachother and hang out more) and then leaches the calcium rioght out of their little bodies.

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