Dealing with Mosquitoes in Austin

With all the rain we’ve had I know someone out there has already been the main course for the dreaded mosquito hordes.  I think my hubby lost a quart of blood just being in the garage yesterday.  When the skeeters come out to play, it’s time to get serious about mosquito control.

While J&J does offer solutions for mosquitoes there are some things you can do to make your home (and hopefully your neighbor’s home) a little less attractive to the evil blood suckers.

  1. Check your roof for leaks and keep a look out for leaking outdoor faucets and air conditioning units.  Repair these leaks to eliminate the possibility of standing water.
  2. Throw away or store any items that can accumulate water (saucers under flower pots, little swimming pools etc.).  If you use them infrequently store them upside down so they don’t collect water.
  3. Clean your swimming pool regularly and keep it chlorinated.  Remember pool covers can collect water and debris and should be cleaned as well.
  4. Clean gutters (everyone forgets these) of debris which can not only clog and obstruct the water flow from your roof but will fill with standing water.  In addition, there are many breeds of mosquitoes that just need really wet debris to lay their eggs with no standing water required.
  5. Adjust sprinklers to keep from over-watering – squishy yards are a perfect breeding ground.  Don’t forget to keep the lawn properly maintained.  Mosquitoes like to rest in weeds, brush and other overgrown areas that collect water.
  6. Treat standing water with a product to control mosquito larvae such as Mosquito Dunks larvacide.  You can also water your potted plants with the dunks.  Just dissolve in water and it will help control the mosquitoes and fungus gnats that breed is moist areas.  Don’t forget those bird baths.
  7. Fill those holes in the trees or in stumps that collect water.
  8. It’s time to rake up and get rid of those piles of leaves (I’m guilty of it too) that are in the yard.  The wet leaves not only supply mosquito breeding sites, they can harbor all kind of ants and various other creatures you don’t want at your house.

Be aware that peak mosquito activity is early morning and dusk. If you have to be outside, I’ve had really good luck with the Off Clip Ons.  I’m not a big fan of spraying myself with anything, but the Clip Ons rock.  Give them a try.

Remember, we do offer a mosquito plan with both a chemical and a non-chemical solution.  Nothing will keep you completely free of a flying insect, but you can make your home less hospitable to them.