Termite Control

Termites. Most termites in Central Texas are subterranean and live in colonies deep down in the earth. The termites are constantly foraging for wood and other cellulose containing materials and are drawn to moisture, so any leaky plumbing or places where water accumulates next to the foundation are especially attractive to them. They can fit through an opening the width of a business card. Once the termites find their way into a home, it is sometimes hard to detect them because they are inside the walls. Some of the obvious signs of termite infestations are seeing small mud tubes or shelter tubes used as ways to move from the colony to the wood they are eating. This keeps them moist and protected. Another sign is swarming which usually occurs in the spring.

Often, when a home is being remolded and the studs are exposed, live termites can be easily seen. Termite infestation is a very common occurrence and can certainly be taken care of effectively and safely. Our professionals will evaluate your home and explain your options. There is never a charge for estimates. The product we choose for traditional treatments is Termidor, which is by far the most superior termiticide available for treatment.

The link below will give more information about this product and how it works. In some situations the homeowner and applicator will decide that baiting is the best situation for treatment. This can also be a very effective way to eliminate termites. Our baiting system is Exterra by Ensystex and we have included a link for information regarding this choice of control.