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With The Termatrac we can prove that termites have been eliminated after a termite treatment, or that termites are active within a wall without damaging the wall. The line that you see moving is the termites moving within the wall; therefore, we can see the termites without cutting a hole in the wall.

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Catchmaster Pestimonial – J&J Pest Control

J&J Pest Control Takes a Bite Out of the Mosquito Market with Unique Sales Approach

In this edition of Catchmaster Pestimonials, we talked with a partner in Texas.

Monica Malone, General Manager, for J&J Pest Control in Texas knows a good product when she sees it. So when her Catchmaster® rep introduced her to the Ovi-Catch™ Mosquito Trap she decided to test it around her own home. Malone believes testing a product on your own helps you to sell it. Having that personal experience with a product allows you to share your personal story with it and your enthusiasm shows through.

“It only took me two days to realize we were no longer being bitten by mosquitoes after installing the traps. It also helped us to uncover that our bass boat was what was attracting the mosquitoes to our yard. Everyone should try this in their own yard,” said Malone.

The testing phase

During the testing phase, the benefits of the product really stood out. First, it was reassuring to not have to worry about the dog getting into the bucket since it contains no pesticides and won’t harm him. Second, positioning of the containers and mosquito catch rates made her realize that her bass boat had accumulated water inside and was, therefore, the source of the mosquito breeding near her home.

Immediately after testing, Malone knew she had a winner. J&J Pest Control’s customer base is always inquiring about mosquito-borne diseases and has a strong interest in green offerings. Instead of simply selling the containers and relying on her customers to properly service them themselves each month she decided to give them an option.

A unique service model

J& J Pest Control treat the containers like a bait station install. They rent and service the containers on a monthly basis. During the service the team removes the old organic matter and refill. They’ve had a lot of luck using leaf litter fill but noted this needed to be changed out fairly frequently to ensure it didn’t create an odor.

Malone has found uses for the Ovi-Catch™ Mosquito Trap outside of just residential homes. Commercial buildings are a great target as are retention ponds where chemical treatments are not possible. She believes so strongly in their new mosquito offering that they will now include it in their on-hold music during mosquito season and are expecting a great response.

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