Finally someone that could identify my pesky drain fly infestation! Call them asap if you find your house crawling with little humpbacked skittering gnats! They are Phorid Flies and after talking to several plumbers these folks finally identified what I had which led me to the source! Now they’re coming after the rats in my attic

They did a good job. I was pleasantly surprised. When I asked them not to put poison down ( FYI – RAT Poison KILLS OWLS) They were fine with that and set traps for me outside instead. After removing over 2 dozen rats I think the problem is finally solved. Thank you.
-Jamie C

Great company with great people, full of information if you have questions. If you don’t need it they won’t sell it to you.
-Sean K


My experience with J&J started with a dramatic event and closed with a happy ending. My first week of living in a 1950s Crestview home proved to be emotionally challenging. I had a kitchen remodel going on and some of the exterior walls had gaps as new backsplash was being added. One fateful night, I turned on the kitchen lights and caught a few cockroches having a party by my sink. Each of them was 2 inches in size. Despite my shock, I gathered my wits and reached for a can of Raid. I proceeded to spray them while chanting “Die! Die! Die!” out loud.

As you can imagine, this move was ineffectual and I might have heard one or two of them laughing at me. Scared senseless, I ran to my bedroom and jumped onto the bed while I came up with a game plan. That game plan was stuffing a blanket under the bedroom door and trying really, really hard to not think about these roaches finding their way into my ears or mouth while I was asleep.

The next morning, I I found J&J Pest Control on Yelp and called them immediately. In a panic, I explained what I’d seen. The office manager recognized my wimpiness and offered to come out herself to spray the house that same day. And so she did! Turns out she’s a real bug aficionado because she gets really excited talking about the various Texas bugs and encouraged me to follow J&J on Facebook so I can see close-up views of various seasonal bugs. I had to pass on that tempting offer but I’ve continued to use J&J Pest Control for all my bug needs. The owners are so helpful, kind, and neighborly.

-Wes A.


J&J has been working with my Real Estate Management Company for the last two years and I personally wanted to reach out and write a review. From the office staff to the on sight crew J&J rings true 🙂 J&J has helped us thru multiple situations in which we needed them desperately and the job was done exceptionally! They came thru for me time and time again like a good old friend. If you’re looking for a extermination service here in Austin that they provide do not hesitate call J&J they will set the bait 🙂 German cockroaches, American Cockroaches mice, rats, bed bugs are a few of the situations they’ve helped us get resolved.

-J. Davis


After moving into our new house, we got estimates from several pest control companies around town for quarterly spraying as well as rodent proofing our attic space. While the quarterly pest control seemed reasonable enough, I was shocked at the pricing for rodent proofing with absolutely no guarantees of reentry by rodents. Huh? You’re going to shell out nearly $1K without any assurances that critters won’t burrow their way back?

Then we called J&J Pest Control after a friend recommended them highly. What a breath of fresh air! They are professional, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Their quote for quarterly service was quite a bit cheaper than the other guys, and their rodent proofing pricing was significantly better. Plus, they stood by their work and didn’t try to up-charge us for needless trapping (there are no current animals – just evidence of a rogue raccoon making his way into the crawlspace in the past).

We love the neighborly feel of J&J, their great customer service, and their reasonable rates. Thanks, J&J, for keeping our house critter-free!

-Sarah P.


First time I used J&J this past week, and they were great. They came out and treated my home. They were able to setup scorpion traps, spray the solution which did not harm my small puppy, and even went outside and knocked out some wasps nests. They obviously care about their customers as when I got the bill, they waited in my home while I downloaded a coupon, printed it out, and then adjusted my bill on the spot. They are even coming back out to treat the outside since our original visit was during rain, which is convenient for me so I wont have to take off from work. I will definitely use them next quarter for treatment.

-A Silva


I have used J & J Pest control for the past 10 years for various pest control issues, They are always very responsive, Monica and the rest of the Office staff are very helpful and schedule any treatments I may need as quickly as possible. They treat the problem and if it comes back or it doesn’t appear they eliminated all the issues on the first trip,, they have come back out at no additional cost to work on the the issue again. The only Pest Control Company I can recommend without reservation. Very honest and they will explain everything to you. Thanks J&J for all your help over the years on my properties. Pamela Weathers, SCG Properties, Inc. .

-P Weathers


Steve at J&J is great! He is knowledgable about insects, but is a trained arborist as well! We asked him whether carpenter ants were destroying one of our trees. He gave us useful information, and told us about the other surrounding trees as well.

-Heidi M.


I work in Commercial Property Management and I use J&J for all of my pest control needs. They are reliable, have a good relationship with my clients that they service, and always are willing to go the extra mile for emergency situations or just to simply explain the characteristics of certain pest. I have never given them a pest related request that they couldn’t handle. They are also easy to work with and are always friendly. I recommend them to everyone I know.


Another great service experience from J & J. They worked around my schedule for an appointment but had to cancel due to a death in the family. They promptly rescheduled and were right on time. I already see the effects of the treatment. I am kicking myself for not buying the coupon. I’d recommend J & J to anyone!

-Deanna V.


I want to start by saying I have worked with numerous pest control companies in the past, and J & J is by far the best. I have had to pleasure of working with J & J many times within the past few months and they have been wonderful. They are always early to the appointments and do the job right the first time. (They even schedule follow ups to ensure the issue has been resolved!) I have been back and forth with Monica throughout these few months and she is a saint! She is always professional when we speak and is there to get the job done for you! She has even called me out of the blue to follow up on issues that they treated a month prior! Sean has been the tech that has come to service us and he is the best! He knows his stuff and has sat down to explain each treatment, what it does, how long it will take, where the pest comes from, etc. I have learned an enormous amount from him! I could not have asked for a better pest control company. J & J cares about their customers, and they care about doing the job right the FIRST time. I absolutely recommend this company with no hesitation to everyone I know.

-B Rollins