I am Monica Malone the GM for J&J Pest Control and we have a terrible mosquito issue at my house.

I have mosquitoes all around my house, in the garage and sometimes inside. The issue is made worse by my neighbors who love to water and a boat that collects every tiny drop of moisture and breeds the evil creatures. Of course, I also have 7 years of moist leaves and plant debris all around my house. So I have conducive conditions that are very favorable for mosquitoes. Fogging for the mosquitoes works for a few days and it helps, but it’s always been hit or miss. Until now.

Introducing the latest thing in mosquito control. The Catchmaster Ovi-Catch Mosquito Trap. Environmentally Safe – No Pesticides – Traps and Kills Adult Mosquitoes.

The Friday before Memorial Day I installed 4 of these around my house. We have had 2 mosquito bites since. That’s it. The mosquitoes used to fly around my hubby’s legs like planes circling a runway. No more. I am AMAZED at the results I’ve had with these traps. The installation and monthly service are very reasonable. Give me a call today and I’ll tell you all about it!!!

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