Company History
In the early years we introduced our services by knocking on doors, and quickly had a customer base. Many changes have taken place over the years of being in business. For the first few months, we tried to operate out of our homes, but we soon realized we wanted to establish a commercial office. We opened our first office at 6610 Burnet Road in 1987, in 1999 at 7413 Burnet Road, and in 2020 relocated to our present location at 2300 Pasadena Drive.

In 2004 J & J acquired Austin Termite and Pest Control, a company in Wimberley, Texas. We quickly merged the company with J & J Pest Control and still service many of the original customers.

With so many wonderful customers and great employees, we have grown from nothing to a great little business. Currently, we have a wonderful staff and look forward to many more years of service.

Monica Malone / General Manager

Monica came to work for J & J in December of 2005. Her position is the hub of the company and is basically in charge of everything from scheduling jobs to ordering products. She is a great sales person as well and being most congenial with everyone.

Monica started her career as a member of the United States Navy. Since leaving the Navy she has had a varied background of employment with talent in sales and managing. She even owned her own business for several years, but decided to get back into the workforce. Monica manages all phases of our operation and is glad to help anyone with their concerns. She recently became a state certified pest control technician. Monica also serves as President of the Austin Pest Control Association, and has been instrumental in improving our association. This also enables her to be current on industry updates and changes. She is a valued addition to our team.

Mike Ball/ Senior Technician and Certified Applicator is Pest and Termites

Mike has been working with J & J since December 1998. Before being employed with us, Mike worked for two other pest control companies for a total combined pest management experience of 27 years. Mike has been with us through many changes including moving the office location and Jim’s retirement, and he has been a stable addition through it all. When Jim retired Mike became the Certified Applicator responsible for the company. He is a great person with a kind disposition, and many of our customers don’t want anyone else to service their account. His termite experience is very beneficial to the business. He is originally from Baltimore, Maryland but has lived in Texas for over 20 years. Mike lives in North Austin with his wife and dog, and enjoys concerts and sports. We plan on Mike’s employ for many years to come.

Tyson Mackey / Technician

Tyson began working for the company in June of 2005. After being trained by Jim Rix, and Mike Ball, he started performing services. Many of our customers request Tyson, and since Tyson is very familiar with the Dripping-Wimberley area, he is the main technician in charge of that area. Since we acquired the second company in Wimberley in 2004, he has many valued customers in the Southwest section. Tyson enjoys hunting and fishing.

We also have several other wonderful employees.

Our Techs

Mike Ball

Senior Certified Applicator Pest and Termite


Sean is our 20 year retired US Marine that does great exclusion work and is awesome at trapping rodents and wildlife.

Tyson Mackey

Certified Applicator