Rodent Control

In order to estimate rodent control, we normally would need to see the home and evaluate the infestation. These pesky critters can do major damage to a home as well as being a health hazard. In most cases, we can determine the type of rodent by performing a thorough inspection of the home, attic and crawlspaces. J & J Pest Control’s trained technicians will determine the entry point and then offer the customer a comprehensive treatment plan. An integrated program using rodenticides and traps, removal of shelter, removal of food and water, and rat-proofing is most effective.

Squirrels Like Apartment Living!

Rodents are consistent with their patterns. Their pathways or runways will be between nesting areas and feeding areas reusing the samepath, relying on kinesthetic memory. We use fluorescent powder to track their pathways to locate their entryways and nesting areas.

Possum in Repose

We trap any and all rodents!