Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have become a fairly common problem around Austin. We at J & J Pest Control will first interview the caller to determine our comprehensive approach to a solution for the bed bug infestation. Most homes will require at least two visits from our technicians. The homeower will need to do make preparation before the scheduled treatment. The more prep work the homeowner does, the least costly the treament will be. Treating for bed bugs requires treating all possible cracks and crevices. Upholstery items such as curtains will also need to be effectively treated or removed. All parts of the bed, any pictures, or any possible hiding spots will need to be treated. This is a very comprehensive treatment and will certainly take full cooporation of the homeowner and pest control professional.


Bed Bug Feces on a Bed Frame

bed bug feces on a bed frame

bed bug feces on a bed frame1 2