Drain Flies

Small flies in the home can become quite a nuisance.  One type of fly that may infest the home is the drain fly.  Drain flies are small, have two wings and are a brownish or grayish color.  Drain flies have a fuzzy appearance and when at rest, hold their wings roof like over their body making them look like tiny moths which is why they are also sometimes called moth flies.

Drain flies are often sen in kitchens and bathrooms near drains.  They may also be found near condensate lines from ice makers or where organic matter builds up from broken or loose floor tiles.  Female flies lay eggs in the thin film of organic matter and larvae develop in the slime layer, feeding on fungi and other micro-organisms.  Adults tend to be more active in the evening and are often attracted to lights or windows.

Killing adult drain flies only temporarily solves a fly problem.  Adults may be trapped utilizing fly traps.  To manage drain flies, the source should be located and treated to reduct the population of developing flies.

Once the infested area is located, clean the area with a stiff brush and then flush with boiling water.  Bacterial drain cleaners that break down organic matter may also be used to manage drain flies.  If something needs to be done quickly, then Gentrol may be an option to treat the drain.

If you suspect that a drain is infested, place tape over one side (don’t cover the drain completely) of the drains at night.  In the morning check the tape for flies that emerged during the night to find out which drain is infested.